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Junior Prep - Lynn Rose Heights Prep School

  Junior Prep All Day Program Lynn-Rose Heights Private School is an authorized IB world school.


Tuition:            As per fee schedule
Material Fee:   $ 385.00
Age:                 3 Years
Full Time:        9:00 am – 3:30 pm

Program Outline
An introduction to all subject areas and promoting independence through group learning, play based learning, and desk work.

Language Arts
    Letter recognition
    Listening to stories for enjoyment and information
    Introduction to phonetic skills
    Group listening skills
    Following directions
    Oral and written Language development

Music and Drama
    Recall and repeat familiar songs
    Introduction to Orff instruments
    Discover creativity in movement
    Retell stories through dance/drama

Group Play
    Social interaction
    Problem solving

    Introduction to the language
    Simple songs
    Interactive play
    Simple words (e.g. colours, food)

Social Studies
    Identifying and communicating their own interests and     preferences
    Becoming aware of surroundings
    Describing weather, ways people live, geographical     features(e.g. farm, pond, forest)

    Number recognition
    Number value
    Sort and classify according to shapes/colours/size
    Matching objects
    Seeking assistance when needed
    Introduction to mathematical language

Physical Education
    Gross motor skills
    Cooperative games
    Increased focus

Self Help
    Learning independence
    Material organization
    Snack and lunch time skills
    Independent toileting

    Fine motor skills
    Learning basic functions
    Using a mouse

    Hands-on exploration
    Sensory development

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