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Lynn-Rose Heights Science Fair
  About Lynn-Rose Heights Lynn-Rose Heights Private School is an authorized IB world school.
Lynn-Rose Heights Private School

Lynn-Rose Heights provides a stimulating and challenging curriculum environment for all students regardless of age level. Whether in Junior kindergarten or a Primary, Junior or Intermediate level class, all students are expected to achieve their maximum academic potential.

Class sizes are kept small, a ratio of 16:1, to ensure that all students receive the individual attention that is crucial to student success. Consequently, teachers are able to monitor student progress on a daily basis and respond accordingly either through enrichment or remediation.

At Lynn-Rose Heights, our language arts program combines traditional methods of teaching with the latest in academic research:

Based on both research findings and the practical wisdom of the most experienced reading teachers, educators are concluding that emerging readers benefit from a balanced variety of approaches to reading instruction and that whole-language and phonics instruction are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Teachers want children to be able to break the code and develop reading independence. They want to involve students in understanding text through personal response, through the use of reading strategies, through discussion and interaction with others, and through writing. With these current perceptions, Lynn-Rose Heights has adopted a language arts program that prepares students for reading and writing success in the earliest years and sets the stage for lifelong learning.

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