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Lynn-Rose Heights Private School

  Language Programs Lynn-Rose Heights Private School is an authorized IB world school.
Lynn-Rose Heights Private SchoolIn a bilingual country, diversity of languages can facilitate opportunities in all aspects of your child's life, now and in the future. At Lynn-Rose Heights, students at all levels are taught to understand and speak French. Reading and writing skills are introduced as your child's level of skill progresses.

Highlights of Lynn-Rose Heights
Language Program

The Language Arts Program is the vehicle for developing phonemic awareness and preparing students to understand the association between sounds and symbols in our language system. It also develops in students an awareness of the structure and purposes of print and enables them to enjoy the interpretation and production of written text. Engaging beginning readers with the best classic and contemporary fiction and non-fiction available provides a word-rich environment that is essential to literary development.

The students engage in constructing meaning from text through reader response, problem solving and the use of strategies and discussions.

The program is used to teach emerging readers strategies that enable them to become skilled readers of increasingly challenging text. This is done through the use of interactive, multidisciplinary approaches to teaching phonics consequently, providing students with strategies and skills they need to read and write on their own and to develop the self-confidence to take charge of their own learning.

Lynn-Rose Heights Private SchoolWriting is integrated into daily lessons from Junior Kindergarten and onward. In doing so, it becomes a natural and comfortable part of learning. Proper grammar and syntax are essential for good communication and are incorporated across the curriculum in all written work.

Our language arts program reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity of Canada through its daily reading selections and activities.

Programming For The Future

Students who will graduate into the world of the 21st Century will need much more than basic academic skills. To participate productively, students must know how to acquire information, evaluate it critically and to adapt it for different purposes. They must be equipped to deal with a variety of fields, including some that do not even exist today, and to understand and participate in diversified mediums of reasoning and problem solving.

The Lynn-Rose Heights curriculum focuses on developing self directed, highly motivated students who take primary responsibility for their own learning. The staff at Lynn-Rose Heights subscribe to a philosophy of education to which our educators apply only the highest standards for all students. Subsequently, we provide a unique environment where your child can experience the joys of learning, while developing in self-confidence and self-esteem.

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