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  A Curriculum That Reflects Diversity Lynn-Rose Heights Private School is an authorized IB world school.

Lynn-Rose Heights Private SchoolLynn-Rose Heights Private School recognizes that students' self-images and attitudes towards others are affected both by what is taught and by how it is taught. Consequently, all students are entitled to have both their personal experiences and their racial and ethno cultural heritage valued. It is in this manner that our students will also learn their society is enriched and strengthened by diversity.

Multicultural activities are a natural part of language arts curriculum, and these activities enable students to appreciate contributions to society of all cultural and ethnic groups. Our literature selection is highly diverse, incorporating a range of genres based on selections from all over the world. Mathematics lessons incorporate contributions of different cultures and lifestyles as we explore new concepts.

Lynn-Rose Heights has designed a social studies curriculum that incorporates a wide variety of areas of study, while placing particular emphasis on distinctly Canadian Studies that highlight the uniqueness of our culturally diverse population and attest to the validity of Canada as a cultural mosaic.

Lynn-Rose Heights Offers Convenience

Lynn-Rose Heights Private SchoolLynn-Rose Heights Private School recognizes each student as a unique individual who has his or her own particular way of learning. Our teachers have been selected on the basis that they are flexible and varied in their teaching methods and timelines. It is because of this flexibility in programming that all students will be able to achieve the expected outcomes in a manner that is conducive to their own learning style.

Student Progress

At Lynn-Rose Heights, your child's progress is very carefully monitored. The school is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Education and follows its guidelines for Junior Kindergarten through to grade eight. A formal written Progress Report is provided three times per year. In addition, the classroom teacher will discuss your child's development with you through parent/teacher conferences and monthly telephone calls.


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